Welcome to The Muskego Hitmen Codebase Project

The Muskego Hitmen website is built on the Django web framework. The Muskego Hitmen Website Project is the start of a fully integrated web solution for sport & sports news orientated websites.

As of now, The Hitmen Web Framework consists of:

  • Player, Staff & Fan Profile - Fully editable by the owner
  • League Manager -- Control over Leagues, Conferences, Teams Profiles, Rosters, Player Stats, League Standings
  • Photo Management - General, Team & Player Galleries as well as Dynamic Thumbnail creation
  • Messaging System - Complete with inbox, trash & sent messages, and email notification
  • Blogging - Members of the team & selected users have access to a blog and are able to manage, edit and maintain their own content.
  • Awards - Custom awards may be created and assigned to anyone or any team
  • News Items ( CMS ) - Easily add Articles and News to the site with a simple text editor
  • Features - Any Item can be featured on the Homepage at any time
  • Video application .flv & .f4v files -user selected bit rate
  • AJAX search widget - dynamic search bar to quickly direct users to Team member profile pages
  • User Registration - Automated registration, confirmation and activation process
  • Player Prospecting - Interested parties can send coaches their info. 1 click of a mouse converts them to an active team member
  • Compete Admin interface accessible by selected user accounts.
  • Ajax PM with user autocomplete
  • Player rating system allows users to rate current player abilities and skills like the Madden Games

Currently, this is not an Open Source project, but we are open to accepting contributors who are familiar with Python, The Django Framework and have a solid knowledge and genuine interest in sports.

Starting Points

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.